Jason 0.6

  • New features
    • Object (dictionary) entries match the order of the original JSON data
    • Rows can be reordered via drag and drop
    • Parser is now based on SBJSON v3.1alpha3
    • Keyboard shortcut to alternate between outline and text matches Xcode 4's

Jason 0.5

  • New features
    • Autosave and Versions
    • Full-screen mode
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed wrong selection of outline vs. text toolbar button

Jason 0.4

  • New features
    • Lion only. Snow Leopard support has been dropped
    • New Accept: application/json HTTP header when opening a remote URL
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed JSON document type in Lion

Jason 0.3

  • New features
    • Minify JSON text
    • jasonlint command-line utility

Jason 0.2

  • New features
    • Toolbar
    • Validate and prettify JSON text
  • Bug fixes
    • Pasting JSON text and switching to outline view doesn’t yield an empty outline